What I Learned from Finger Painting with my Two Year Old

With twenty fingers working together, ten big and ten small, I learned to let go of control. When I started feeling attached to a part of the painting a tiny thumb would inevitably smear across it or a pinky nail would scrape part of it away. After a few deep breaths I finally released my attachment to how I thought the finished painting should look and we had a blast painting together. I hope to remember this freedom as I continue painting.


Artist Haven at Blue Lake Ranch

Blue Lake Ranch Bed and Breakfast outside Durango Colorado is a hidden gem. So hidden my family and I missed the tiny mailbox turnoff almost every time we drove back.  The ponds on their property are buzzing with life compelling me to paint the frenzy of activity: the cattails turning a brilliant lacey white and an assortment of flying and crawling critters busily stashing away food for the winter. If you are an artist, nature lover, or enjoy an aromatic breakfast spread of homemade biscuits and quiches then you too may find this remote getaway enchanting. That is, if you can find it.